Shin Sekai Yori – Ep.13


Lots of snow both in the world of anime and the real this week, at least if you’re in the great north as I am. Anyways the majority of this episode is the continued search for the missing Mamoru. Saki, Satoru, and Maria come across some sled tracks near his home and proceed to follow them deep into the mountains past the spiritual barrier. Luckily a passing monster rat did the same and was able to aid Mamoru when he tumbled off the side of the path and took him into his shelter. It’s there that the others catch up and get the low down on why he decided to run away all alone.

Once they track down Mamoru they find that he’s in quite the difficult spot as he’s had two separate encounters with the trickster cat in the past few days. The first was merely a “test run” if you go by the legends but during the second encounter he only barely managed to escape. The way that the teacher essentially set him up so that’d he be alone and vulnerable is pretty devious. I really have no idea how they’re going to handle this situation since he’ll be in constant danger if they try to take him back to the village and we all know the outcome of the last time someone had been marked for removal by the adults.

Maria really stood out as being overly concerned for Mamoru’s safety during their search. It seems as though just lately when all of these different things are coming to light that she’s taken on almost a big sister type role to him. From the exposition that we get at the end of this episode I think it’s safe to assume that the fate of Mamoru will tie into the dark turn that Maria is foretold to take.

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